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Social media or new media - you decide....

To many businesses and organisations, the fear and uncertainty that goes along with getting to grips with social media is sometimes holding people back

Author: Creation Social Media/23 February 2015/Categories: News

I haven’t got time!!
It's all Nonsense!
Facebook is for Kids….!..
Twitter?...Don’t Get Me Started!...

All of these comments and many more are very common as we go around the country listening to the views of some who are still undecided about the phenomenon that is social media. 

 Why would this be, you might ask?

Well…because its all new to many businesses and organisations and the fear and uncertainty that goes along with getting to grips with it is sometimes holding people back.

 But is it new? Well Facebook has been around since 2004 Twitter since 2006 and Linkedin 2003 and whilst initially they were seen as personal platforms to share interests, it soon became apparent that the value in this medium of communication for businesses could not be ignored.

So it’s now very interesting to look at the definition of what and where Social Media fits into a modern marketing world.

Wikipedia does a very good job of positioning social media for business today and its well worth having a read of the definition which finishes up by saying… 

“New media marketing is most effectively marketed by internet-driven technology such as blogs, RSS, web video productions, podcasts and social networking platforms”

There has to be an acceptance that if you are going to adopt Social Media as part of your Marketing Strategy, it has to be an integral part, and not the chore that comes after emails, meetings, coffees meetings, more emails etc!

I remember the days when we didn’t have email 20 odd years ago – we had to wait for the postman! Then along it came and now we can access it, look at it and deal with it several times a day in a lot of cases just to firefight – and all that before we have “liked”, shared, acknowledged or retweeted something which can engage the Social Media audience we have worked so hard to build up!!

Could that little five minutes of proactive work before heading off to the “Inbox” be the interaction that makes a difference…..?

Social media in business is an evolving process but new media in business is here to stay whatever name the social media platform might have in ten years.

Think of it this way…

Your customers are on social media, they expect you to be there, can you afford not to be there?

Whether you define that as social media or new media marketing……you decide…


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