Facebook Advertising for Business 1 Day Workshop


Facebook Say....Pay to Play!

Is that true?

Should you have to?

If you do do you do it effectively and get Value For Money?

At Creation Social Media

We Know the ways to make Facebook Advertising Effective!

We Know the best ways to engage your target audience

We know the ways to get you results from whatever budget you choose ....

Facebook has over 2 billion users - if your customers are here, then you need to be too!

So join us for a 1 day info packed practical workshop & we will help you through the

Maze of Facebook Ads and get them working for you - just bring your laptop or tablet!


Who should Consider This Workshop?

  • Small/SME business owners or Social Media Managers

  • Marketers

  • ANYONE using Facebook for Business

What will I learn?

Following this training course, I will be able to:

  • Market on Facebook Advertising with ease

  • Connect with new audiences and lower ad costs via Facebook Ads

  • Set up a professional and effetive Facebook Advert

  • Use the Facebook Pixel to create a target advert directly at my website viewers!

  • Understand the different types of Facebook Ads and when to use them 

  • Implement the best practice ideas of how to use each of the Ad options

  • Identify and save my target audience

  • Understand best practice application of Facebook Ads

  • Effectively useI images, links & descriptions for Ads

  • Understand how my Ads look in the News Feed on desktop & device

Just bring along a laptop or tablet to join in the fun. Don't forget to have your Facebook login details - it's great to update it as we go along!

Tea, coffee and a buffet lunch will be provided. 

Please arrive early to get yourself set up and enjoy a little networking time with your colleagues.

The next Facebook Advertising for Business Workshop will be held in Ealing on 8th February 2018. 

Book your seat here.