Linkedin for Business

Your Linkedin for Business online training will take you from the basics of creating a great looking Linkedin profile giving that powerful First Impression that will make your viewer want to read more, to how to build up your engagement and encourage the right people for your business to want to connect with you. 

You will learn how to create:

First Impressions:

  • Setting up and optimising my personal profile

  • My Professional LinkedIn headline – catch your audience's attention?

  • Adding a profile picture that will get me noticed

  • Vanity URL – have you changed yours yet?

  • Hints and tips over customisation which will set your page apart from others

  • Images, Videos and Presentations

  • Recommendations - request and give them

Engagement & Building your LinkedIn connections:

  • What makes an engaging post?

  • Where can I find great content?

  • Groups and how to use these to my advantage

  • Group Customisation

  • How to connect with people that will be of influence to me

  • Using Search and advanced search – building your following

  • Published Posts and their impact

This is a 2 hour live online session with you and up to 2 other members of your staff at a time to suit you. We will work directly on your own Linkedin profile so come prepared with your login details and any questions you may have about Linkedin for business. 

For £100 you receive 2 hours online training, membership to our CSM Together closed facebook group where updates will be posted regularly and 6 months free Helpdesk support for you and up to 2 other members of your staff.

To book your training please email us at or call us on 07786036609.