Social media strategy: a smart plan for big impact

Social media is a major marketing channel but what works for one business might not be the right approach for yours. So our first question to you is, what's your goal? Building a big online audience is all well and good but, if it's engagement and sales you're after, it has to be packed with target customers.

We look at your business, audience and resources then help you map a social strategy that's manageable and geared to getting results. That means using the best platforms for your business and customers, optimising profiles, knowing where and when to publish posts, measure success and improve your reach, and the tools that save you time.

Sound complicated? It won't be. You'll soon be growing the right audience and have social engagement levels on the rise.

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Andrew Webster - Business Gateway Perth

"The workshops focus on delivering practical solutions and are delivered in a relaxed and understandable way. If you are serious about using social media more effectively in your business, then I'd have no problem in recommending Creation Social Media."